From the trenches of the recording studio

As the hour passes the 5 am mark and my legs ache from the inactivity they have endured over the last 11 hours, I can do nothing but shake my head and shy. We are in between tracks we are recording for the audiobook version of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin. Progress is definitely […]


Announcing the Rafflecopter Winner….

First, I would like to thank everyone again who participated in this promotion. I would also like to thank Isabelle Kenyon for helping organize the event and for contributing her press‘s awesome compilation release towards the prizes awarded. You all are very wonderful people. The winner of the first Rafflecopter Promotion hosted by this site […]

New promo forthcoming

We will be unleashing the next promotional giveaway here very soon. Stay tuned for more details. This will be a raffle style kind of thing, accomplish a particular task get a raffle ticket, at the end we draw for prizes. Prizes include ebooks, signed copy of A Footnote for Tomorrow, stickers, bookmarks and something else […]