A Footnote for Tomorrow is a modern poetic work that conveys the story from a personal perspective of one individual’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Taking place in the 2000s while traveling the country in an attempt to outrun his addiction. Poet James F. Miller II‘s debut collection conveys the struggle, the emotion, the turmoil of the daily ups and downs endured on his quest. Trying to outrun the familiarity of the local drug scene, the poet opens his soul and his notepad to journal the journey down a strange path towards recovery. One individual’s fall from grace while battling addiction, withdrawal, relapse, and pulling away from society as a whole as he struggles to regain his lost footing. Book #1 of the Destined, but… series.

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A Footnote for Tomorrow



¬†A Footnote for Tomorrow is a collection of poetry that takes you down the path of addiction.¬† Follow the poet through his darkest days traveling the country. ¬†The reader will experience the ins and outs of his troubled mind as he goes through the raw emotions of drug dependence.¬† Crawling out from under the rock of his struggle, the poet shares his take on society and his exit from such.¬† That which was once just a drug-fueled journal is now a published chronicle of the road that so few people have traveled and walked away from recovered.¬† This tale of demons and redemption takes the reader on a journey across the country during the 2000s, shaping the life of the author and those who crossed his path. ¬†Experience love and the lessons taught from the road in a beautifully written array of content that has a magic that makes the reader feel as if the poems were written about their own journeys down the rabbit’s hole.

-Brandy Kellams
Editor, Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine




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A Footnote for T …

James Miller


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a footnote for tomorrow E-book format

Ebook format of poet James F. Miller II’s debut poetry collection titled a footnote for tomorrow.



a footnote for tomorrow paperback format

Paperback format of poet James F. Miller’s debut poetry collection titled a footnote for tomorrow.


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