The fourth scheduled collection release from poet James F. Miller II is currently available as pre-release ebook purchase from Amazon. You can order your copy at this link here otherwise it will be available as both an ebook or a paperback beginning Feb. 14th, 2021.

This chapbook bears an anti-Valentine’s Day theme. The dark side of romances gone astray, the heartbreak left in the wreckage, the bottom of the fall and it’s fully felt crash collision impact with the on watching world below. Tangled within are a couple beautiful poems that capture the height of the emotion before its devastation. 21 Reasons/Lies sets out to be a full portrait of a puppy love turned catastrophic.

The collection has been previewed by audiences as audio/video clips and social media memes over the ten months preceding it’s release. And promises to better fulfill the enveloping emotions than Letters to Erin did (the 2nd half of the poets 2nd release).