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A Footnote for Tomorrow is the debut collection of poetry written by a then 20-year-old American poet, James F. Miller II.  This collection takes the reader down the path of addiction.  Follow the poet through his darkest days traveling the country. The reader will experience the ins and outs of his troubled mind as he goes through the raw emotions of drug dependence.  Crawling out from under the rock of his struggle, the poet shares his take on society and his exit from such.  That which was once just a drug-fueled journal is now a published chronical of the road that so few people have traveled and walked away from recovered.  This tale of demons and redemption takes the reader on a journey across the country during the 2000s, shaping the life of the author and those who crossed his path. Experience love and the lessons taught from the road in a beautifully written array of content that has a magic that makes the reader feel as if the poems were written about their own journeys down the rabbit’s hole.  

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