Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin

Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin is the second full-length poetry collection that paints the voice of poet James F. Miller II. The book will release on Friday, February 14, 2020. It is available on Amazon as a Pre-Release promotion or as an ARC for interested reviewers.

Ghost in the Reflection was part of a concept poetry series that originally appeared in a very raw, developmental stage on The poetry series reflected the decaying of values, morals and virtues of this present day society. Miller captured from the voices of that society a culmination of imagery that brought to life the daily struggles of its people. It reveals that today’s people have become the recycled trash, like the bi-products of better days past. Existing as zombies that have become the casualties of an unseen war. Those battered souls, the very dead buried in the oversight of the rich mans’ politics now stagger among its ruins. We reflect upon better days.


Letters to Erin originally began with the intent to exist as a separate collection. Its goal was to address the chaos of the present day love affair. The collection touches upon the ugliness beneath the beauty, the passion of our painted surfaces that often do not match the underlying realities. It breaks down the public spectrum of love through its trials and errors and the chaos of the wreckage left behind. Letters to Erin confronts head-on the heartbreak, indecision and youthful pursuits for an unattainable happiness like those promise in fairy tales. Shadowing those same promised hopes and dreams are modern vampires ready to drain that light and replace it with an empty pain. Like the pictures these words paint, every moment of our passions will become countered by oppositions and frustrations.


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