Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin

Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin is the second full-length poetry collection installment of the yet unnamed, projected 6 book series by poet James F. Miller II. The book will release on Friday, February 14, 2020. It is available on Amazon as a Pre-Release promotion or as an ARC for interested reviewers.

Ghost in the Reflection was part of a concept poetry series that originally appeared in a very raw, developmental stage on Channillo. The poetry series reflects the decaying of values, morals and virtues in present day society from those voices that were they found casualties battered and staggering amongst its ruins.

Letters to Erin originally began as a separate collection that dealt with the chaos of present day love affair. The ugliness beneath the beautifully painted surface of love, its trials and errors and the chaos of heartbreak, indecision and youthful pursuits for unattainable happiness shadowed with that same hope. It addresses many emotions without filtering out the caught up in the moment passion and frustration.

ghost art