A Happy New Year and a New Book!

This year is a big one for me – I’ll be releasing a book I’m very proud of: ‘Ghosts In The Reflection: Letters to Erin’ on February 14th (Valentine’s Day, which feels apt!). If my new year resolution is to get serious with my writing, I think this book reflects that. It started out as […]


1 Month and some change until the release date for Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin

As February 14th approaches, I find myself running through my never ending to-do list and gringe at how near the date draws. Although I am not behind schedule  and this is my second run, I, like most writers, still get nervous knots and find myself over-worrying about everything. This week has me working out the […]

As I sit the time folds itself around my ankles waiting on me to take a step

How many days does it take to rediscover ambition & purpose after the holiday meals? I, each year, drift to the thought that there is no coming back no matter how loud the alarm or sharp the point poking you towards reasoning and awaiting goals. With the conclusion of the Ghost studio sessions, I feel […]

Updates, holidays and a drunken Santa

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone enjoys that time with their loved ones, all the children enjoy their gifts and everyone stays alive and not incarcerated. Our last promotional contest of the year wrapped up today on Facebook. It was a photo contest featuring photos of my book and promotional products in any creative manner […]

What to expect from new collection and a sneak peek surprise fist to the face

As the writing process came to its end, the compiling, organizing and self editing process began. As the manuscript became formed, the external editing and revising process began. As the final draft became solidified, I find myself now in the endless beginning of the marketing process begins. This part is both the most stressful and […]

December Contest

This month until noon on Christmas Eve, I will be hosting a pretty simple contest. Top three qualifying entries will receive an eBook version of Ghost in theReflection-Letters to Erin. Objective is snap the most creative picture possible featuring one of my books, tshirts or other swag and post it on the Planet Productions Poetry […]

Chance for an ARC

Want a copy of the book before it hits stores or sells online? I’m offering up Advanced Reader/Review Copies in exchange for book reviews. Follow me in the Booksprout app!You can now hear about my new releases and deals in the Booksprout app. Just download it, search for “James F. Miller II” and click follow!Get […]