The third release, Bottom Feeder, from the now officially titled Destined, but… poetry collection series

Ok, so yesterday, I’m not going to lie, I may have done this one thing. Needless to say, I was still here when I woke this morning, and that’s always a solid ending or beginning to the continuity of any story. But I finished up filling out the paperwork for the ability to say that […]

A New Day, A Lesser Man

In solemn doubt, we stare one another like two natural-born enemies rather than the teammates we started down the aisle being. It’s a world-wide trend evolving faster than the damned bat flu. There is no loyalty, no honor remaining anywhere behind the scenes of the forefront. And we sigh, allowing it to continue, then we […]

Sinkholes, black holes, hookers, sinners and fishin’ lures that form the changing tides

I grasp the walls soaking wet, grip slipping further down and I furiously fight to catch my breath amongst the frantic panic. The hourglass continues to empty quickly, meanwhile, the piling half grows so slowly. Ain’t it funny how that shit like that works?   In those moments lost laying upon the bottom, we learn […]

She eyed my rooster with deviant intent, the chef has met its feast in the making (get your mind out of the gutter)

In an effort to be semi-productive, I wrote something today. I added it to my series Graveyards & Cornfields on It’s called An Abstract Impact Without A Diagnosis.┬áIf you haven’t checked out this series yet, you should, it’s definitely a lot different style and subject than either of the first two books or the […]

In a star struck society, she stuffed socks with shattered glass and danced like she was afire with gasoline dripping from the bird she signed out holding…

Curious but i must wonder, did that not metaphorically f%$king burn? This is a sample of what my days have become. Hands calloused, skin bruised, I’ve eliminated almost every goal I’ve had for the year in the past 7 weeks serving time an inmate in the dark corner of the world called my home. As […]

disadvantagely, the broken may be susceptible to fracturing much easier than its counterpart

I began in enjoyment this paid absence from that torturous hell that pays my bills, then in boredom I thought maybe I may have missed the shit hole. Then the buzz wore off and I found I enjoy this not being caged in a place I loathe, and that I’m pretty certain in a place […]