we pull yet they tug…mad are the circles we spin within like the kool-aide dude on a scorching hot ass afternoon near a kangaroo ranch…sideways

Freedom is too often a thing taken for granted by those who have never known the confines of hell and the agony of purgatory. Power is too often a thing abused by hungry people who have rarely not eaten a meal. Reality is tiptoeing these extremes and avoiding the fiery fury of the grasp of…

The Jingle Jangle of the Smelly Guy on the Corner Begging for Your Spare Change

Your life and decision making abilities become limited while living on trial. Under a constant million eyes analyzing, making notes, keeping track of every itch and scratch a person has, etc. No wonder some people in the system are so damn angry and rude. If we as a society treat people this way our fate…
Poetry Logo 2021

That which crawls invisible upon the skin, beneath the flesh, & only exists within the weakened human mind & condition: the dying ego.

Well somewhere outside of that imaginary hell, exists a real-world of hell that we humans call home. Despite those dreams of faraway places and what if worlds of imagination, resides some burden of responsibilities. Well, I shot for the extra credit to get a start on getting ahead of the ball on this next shot of mine. But whereas I look like an overachiever, what you truly see is that I’m a poor planner, and react and act upon primitive urges on some things unspoken. Like a publishing schedule for example.