August already?

Where has this summer went? I feel like I have blinked and everytime it has changed to a new month. I didn’t realize how much I have neglicted posting on this site until just today. SO that said, let me begin by trying to get everyone caught up to the chaos that is my life.

A Footnote for Tomorrow is still readily available on both and as well as from the store located on my poet facebook page. Amazon no longer has exclusive rights to the ebook, thus the price has dropped and is beginning to become available on more sites. It will be set up for distribution in the very near future. So great things still are on the horizon for it.

A few new facbook pages have finally began to surface, Planet Productions Poetry, my publishing company is the latest page. Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine has been on the site for a few, but I have failed to acknowledge it, shame on me. It is a literary arts journal that will debut this coming January. Although owned by the same publishing company, I do not run it. It is headed by the talented editor-in-chief Brandy Kellams, an excellant editor I’ve known since college. Its newsletter is due to be released soon. It’s first edition will be in January 2020, follow it and keep up with that information from there. I would love to read and see the poetry, art and photography of the talented poets, artists and photographers that follow me.

I have recently posted a few new poems from my soon to be released collection Ghost in the Reflection – Letters to Erin on I would love the feedback of any who subscribe and follow me there. This collection is slated to be released in November 2019. I’m very excited for it, unlike A Footnote, these are more recent and relevant works of mine that are definitely clawing at me to get out and be read.

Stay tuned, I promised some awesome promotional activities that I am finishing up the final touches on. Some great things to be awarded to all who participate.

New Poems Posted

Be sure to check out the new poems posted today on my series called Ghost in the Reflection. This series serves as an idea building grounds for the upcoming book. Definitely worth reading.

If you haven’t signed up and subscribed to my series on channillo yet, you can do so to follow it and hundreds of other great works in progress of many genres.

In the works…

In about a week my exclusitivity agreement with Kindle expires. To celebrate I will do a promotion or two reducing the price. I will also be finally getting distribution set up and explore a few different avenues in addition to Amazon of course.

At the start of the year I will be unveiling a new literary ezine called Belladonna and have enlisted the assistance of a few old university journalism classmates from my days as an advertising manager at the school paper. We will release a more detailed statement in the coming month.

I have been writing the last several pieces for my next collection Ghost in the Reflection: Letters to Erin which we are hoping to release early in Novemeber.

Current Promo Underway

CURRENT PROMOTION. Have reduced the price of the ebook on amazon for the week. Each price has a limited time at that price. For 18 hours it will be $0.99, for 18 hours it will be $1.99, for 18 hours it will be $2.99 then return back to normal. June 21st to 28th.

Some random links

Cool little thing that happened: While messing around bored this morning, I searched on google to see if I could find myself in the results. I did this the day before I released A Footnote for Tomorrow and it impressed me to see that I did not pop up in the first 15 pages of search results. Today that was no longer the case, instead I had became the entire first page of results. Damn. I’m not that big for being findable on the grid. However, I found some pretty cool things that I don’t remember doing, but I did.

Announcing the Rafflecopter Winner….

First, I would like to thank everyone again who participated in this promotion. I would also like to thank Isabelle Kenyon for helping organize the event and for contributing her press‘s awesome compilation release towards the prizes awarded. You all are very wonderful people.

The winner of the first Rafflecopter Promotion hosted by this site is: Calvin Fung of Canada. We will be contacting you this morning with the official email announcement and later with your prizes. Thank you for your participation.

Quick announcement, my next promotion begins June 21, 2019 at midnight Pacific Time. It is a simple price reduction on A Footnote for Tomorrow ebook copies that are available only through at this moment. The way this works is at a designated time, the price will drop to $0.99 for 18 hours then jump to $1.99 for 18 hours then jump to $2.99 for the last 18 hours which will bring the event to a close on June 28, 2019 at midnight Pacific Time. So if you haven’t picked up a paperback or an ebook copy, this would be a great chance to do so.

The deal on Amazon with purchase of the paperback and receiving the ebook for $0.99 also still is in effect. Paperback copies are also available and purchasable on, in the online store on this page & the facebook author page and on the poet’s person as well (those are usually cheaper than anywhere online.) Stay tuned, I will post some poetry this week. Have a great week everyone!

Jim (James-Twenty) Miller

Ebooks awarded to winner of Rafflecopter Promotion.

New promo forthcoming

We will be unleashing the next promotional giveaway here very soon. Stay tuned for more details. This will be a raffle style kind of thing, accomplish a particular task get a raffle ticket, at the end we draw for prizes. Prizes include ebooks, signed copy of A Footnote for Tomorrow, stickers, bookmarks and something else to add in.

Definitely hope to see alot of you all participate. Isabelle Kenyon will be donating a copy of one of her ebooks. Also hoping that some of you are digging the work she does and her press Fly On The Wall Poetry Press, both based out of the UK. Very talented poets with a very strong message that needs to be heard. They’re doing a lot of great things over there. Definitely worth checking them out and showing your support.

I have a few copies of A Footnote for Tomorrow available in the ecwid store. Along with some new stickers and bookmarks. There is a special code you can get from me to get a discount on the book, so if anyone is interested please feel free to reach out to me on facebook or twitter and I will share that information. There are some pretty cool posters also, stop in the store and check it out.

Red Sky Hitch Cover, available through The Book Patch and Planet Productions Poetry, Music and More stores.

Winners, Not Winners & Ice Cream

I’m giving it another few minutes until the day has officially ended here in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and I will go review all the reviews and first thing in the morning I will announce the winner of the competition. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, I present to you this:

As A Footnote finally begins it’s being passed around, as raves and and as snickers flood the whispers in the air, I hold to my routine and write as the energy moves me towards finishing up this second collection and begin in my mind scribbling down notes for the third collection and forth, fifth and so on. I remember once when writing was this thing. A thing that was so magical I was afraid to open the door to strangers, hell most of the time I was afraid to open the door to the most familiar of faces, and yet now I feel as if I cannot open the door enough to let eyes behold the message scribbled upon the paper. Prose like poetry that tries to be a message felt to be needed by all.

Too often I set on fire entire folders of writings because I cannot feel myself within the pages. Am I alone here? I never wrote for the following I could one day grow, or for the volume of sales of a collection I may get lucky enough to get pushed out far enough to be read or for the ratings and reviews, the rants and raves, the joys and the bitches of what one insignificant individual like myself has managed to pour out of his soul and capture upon the page. Too often are we misled by the power of the chair when we sit to critique the work captured by another’s soul. Too brutal we can become when we forget we too once were but those timid children. And somewhere in the fear of that rejection we as a generation come from generation after generation of timid children afraid to speak their voice.

I seek to stand alone, to be unlike any other and I feel that rejection from a society which has become so pop culture that if it isn’t the name brand or close to being that brand, it cannot be a good product. I smile most from my rejections as opposed to my acceptances. I have heard repeatedly my vocabulary is tiny, or I’m not educated enough and/or my punctuation/grammar and/or lack thereof will be the things that hold me back… coincidently, I have ten years of college education as an English Literature major, a journalism major, a marketing major, and so on. I come from nothing, a little lean-to shack along a river bank where the rats were bigger and sometimes friendlier than the cats we kept. I write for the majority who do not come from the pockets of their fathers or their father’s fathers. The ones who struggle to make the ends meet at the end of the week and pray for the month to come to an end. The ones who die on the same street they were born on, never getting the chance to see or experience the world. I spend my time undocumented reading to friends who cannot read but long to know the experience of life beyond the tiny cell their world feels it has been reduced to.

I do not write for fame or glory, or praise. And I do not write to become one of the many great pieces that I have read. I do not live to be remembered. But I try to be from the heart. And to those who dig, grab a shovel, the shit in this world has gotten deep, and it’s gonna take some time and some numbers to turn the game around.

Thank you though to those who do support the indie writers. Thank you for finding the voices that I have had to listen to from a far inspire me to become the person that I am today. I wasn’t made to be one of the pop culture of the world. I like being that thorn in the world’s ass too much to be any less. I love those who fear not the rejection of those eager to pound the gavel, change is needed. Be not afraid to become it.