The Fuckery That Never Ends

I find myself holed up in a hotel room chained to the computer racing to catch up on things that should have been completed months ago. All this adding to the stress of my recent eviction, my ongoing criminal trial, a beyond needy pitbull puppy, a fleet of broken down vehicles, the revealing of theives…
Poetry Logo 2021

That which crawls invisible upon the skin, beneath the flesh, & only exists within the weakened human mind & condition: the dying ego.

Well somewhere outside of that imaginary hell, exists a real-world of hell that we humans call home. Despite those dreams of faraway places and what if worlds of imagination, resides some burden of responsibilities. Well, I shot for the extra credit to get a start on getting ahead of the ball on this next shot of mine. But whereas I look like an overachiever, what you truly see is that I’m a poor planner, and react and act upon primitive urges on some things unspoken. Like a publishing schedule for example.

April Promotions, Contests, Mindset & the fast fading effects of time on dreams and reality.

These are the days I long to enjoy, fresh embers in what feels like a flickering fade oasis race to the finish line. Although these days are rare and are usually very short-lived, these are the flowers amongst the trash we seek out in our wayward reach towards fulfillment.

Behind the Fuckery, Beneath the Words, Inside the Conspiracy Theories

What resides inside the mind of a writer initially isn’t what usually the polished pretty product that the reader’s eyes get to experience. Something is always sacrificed in order for the process of creation to manifest full circle. That lost rawness is usually best left in the dust that gets wiped up by the hand…