The third release, Bottom Feeder, from the now officially titled Destined, but… poetry collection series

Ok, so yesterday, I’m not going to lie, I may have done this one thing. Needless to say, I was still here when I woke this morning, and that’s always a solid ending or beginning to the continuity of any story. But I finished up filling out the paperwork for the ability to say that I will be releasing a limited run ebook called Bottom Feeder. It is currently available for pre-sale purchase through and will be officially available beginning Friday, November 13, 2021.  I’m pretty confident I’m not going to do a printed run on this collection unless of course there are a significant amount of posted comments to this post on here and/or on the social media sites that this post will frequent. The ebook will retail for $4.99 but I will be reducing that to $2.99 for promotional run pricing.

I am hoping to see an increase in the e-book sales, as this has been my weakest selling point.  =======================================================================Bottom Feeder presale on



Bottom Feeder take 1 cover

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