A New Day, A Lesser Man

In solemn doubt, we stare one another like two natural-born enemies rather than the teammates we started down the aisle being. It’s a world-wide trend evolving faster than the damned bat flu. There is no loyalty, no honor remaining anywhere behind the scenes of the forefront. And we sigh, allowing it to continue, then we half-ass bitch when the moments have passed us by and there is nothing more remaining.

This mayhem has become widespread, infectious contamination that has become the new accepted norm, the new 21st-century cancer of society. Are we over-educated or too trusting of the hands pulling upon our strings? What comes next?


This has been one year of supreme fuckery. On a plus note, this year has been a perfect foundation leading up to the next full-length collection of my poetry, A Lesser Man. Those of you who have read Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin will already know the first poem in the A Lesser Man, The Blurring of Lines. Anyone familiar with the poem understands how different the direction this manuscript has taken from the previous two.

A Lesser Man is scheduled to be released in January 2021.

Here is a sample of a piece from the collection titled



it’s that dry gulp that rests at the back of the throat

making one feel as though they’re suffocating,

and nothing can move it or break it free

neither can the increased heartbeat,

the sweaty palms nor the sweat dripping

from the brow & pits be misconstrued.

this anxiety comes along with the judgment,

hand in hand, all is drunk out of the same glass,


even though it’s only 45 degrees outside

and it didn’t occur inside of a courtroom.

the judgment becomes passed with the look,

each word was consciously spoken by any and all

who bears witness.


it will always be a life sentence because it is life

and is happening everywhere, every minute

of every day, as regrettable as it is unavoidable,

the school bullies will always be waiting

to collect the dues

they feel they are owed.

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