She eyed my rooster with deviant intent, the chef has met its feast in the making (get your mind out of the gutter)

In an effort to be semi-productive, I wrote something today. I added it to my series Graveyards & Cornfields on It’s called An Abstract Impact Without A Diagnosis.┬áIf you haven’t checked out this series yet, you should, it’s definitely a lot different style and subject than either of the first two books or the […]

In a star struck society, she stuffed socks with shattered glass and danced like she was afire with gasoline dripping from the bird she signed out holding…

Curious but i must wonder, did that not metaphorically f%$king burn? This is a sample of what my days have become. Hands calloused, skin bruised, I’ve eliminated almost every goal I’ve had for the year in the past 7 weeks serving time an inmate in the dark corner of the world called my home. As […]