disadvantagely, the broken may be susceptible to fracturing much easier than its counterpart

I began in enjoyment this paid absence from that torturous hell that pays my bills, then in boredom I thought maybe I may have missed the shit hole. Then the buzz wore off and I found I enjoy this not being caged in a place I loathe, and that I’m pretty certain in a place that feels about the same way about me, thus maybe I never need to go back. Damn that dream was my favorite. 5

The downside to dreams is we sometimes have to wake up. Thus the magic of that reality, such a beautiful dimension, becomes but a spell broken. We bystanders become nothing but a casualty claimed by the broken arrow splintered, the exploding fractures of once that become lodged in our thoughts, our throats as we suffocate slowly, a casualty made victim death by choking. And here we stand awoke in this dying world scratching our heads shaking our fists and questioning the purposes. What difference can this really make?

Me, I wonder if Jagermeister can be made into Jello-shots. Can’t be too far out if that isn’t a thing. My neighbor doesn’t like me shitting on his porch. It’s those random thoughts, those random acts that leave one guessing as to what cyclone is forming in the moments that I am most in thought. I think the suspense and anticipation make due like buttered popcorn and over-priced ginormous fountain sodas for the motion picture presentation about to begin and unfold on the projection screen at the front of the building.

Any how, I noticed I had been slacking in writing blogs again and though I had nothing interesting to add I felt it would be equally as enjoyable for those of you who actually read this mumbo jumbo of words ejaculated in intense moments too prudent for their birth to even seem possible, plausible or happening.

National Poetry MonthWorld Book Day 3

As National Poetry Month comes to an end, I want to thank everyone who downloaded A Footnote for Tomorrow from Amazon last week during the year anniversary e-book giveaway for A Footnote for Tomorrow. A few things newsworthy, if it hasn’t already began, it will in the next few days, from this website of mine you can or will be able to purchase and download various digital formats of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin and/or A Footnote for Tomorrow at an exceptionally low price.

Also, I’ve attached a link where several various formats of those same e-books can purchased off site. I don’t seem to have much difficulty moving those printed copies but I guess the e-book fad isn’t a trend too popular among those of you who read my words. Don’t feel bad, it’s hard for me to sit down in front of a screen and read words too often or for very long without developing a longing for the smell of a book.

The promised link.

Stay well my friends, and stay tuned I’m gonna be giving away some print and digital copies of both books in the very near future. Maybe make a game out of it to battle the boredom of these final days of lock down in homes that never felt more like prisons. I’ve got 3 print copies of each book and 5 digital copies of each book that I’m gonna be donating to things you could be doing during your time on house arrest.

Lastly, check out a few of the sites I have been busy building and other projects I have going on, they may be more or less your thing than this, but regardless, returning here is still an awesome way to go as well as an awesome way to stick it to the man.

Poetry, Music & More…

Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine

Planet Productions Poetry and Press

The Poetry (of James F Miller II) Shop

Till our screens cross again, refrain from floor shitting at least close to home.



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