Mini Milestone for me

Happy 420 Everyone!! Not only is this an Earth Day and from the Earth kinda day celebration, today marks the one year mark for me as a published poet and the one year mark since the release of A Footnote for Tomorrow. Please join us as we all around here celebrate it (practicing good social distancing habits).

Starting today and running through this Friday, A Footnote for Tomorrow will be offered as a free e-book on Amazon. If you’ve not had an opportunity to get out and buy one in this first year, well, today is gonna be your lucky day. FREE!! There is no better price you’re gonna find this at.

If you’ve already purchased Footnote, then go ahead, splurge just a little, and pick up yourself a copy of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin.  If you’re already doing this good, then drop me a rating or review.

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