Available just in time for the “A Footnote for Tomorrow” one-year anniversary.

I’m happy to announce, despite being way, way, way overdue, A Footnote for Tomorrow has a new available to the public medium with some sweet bonus materials. Now available from my Poetry Shop on Ecwid.com, you can pick up the PDF format of A Footnote for Tomorrow for $2. This includes a collection of the alternative covers. For next week only, I’ll be adding in some bonus poems not found anywhere else.


I’ve also made Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin available as a PDF release on the same site with a ton of extra covers and material. It is available for $4. Don’t miss out on these complete with the bonus materials, they won’t be available like this for long (well, at least with the bonus materials).


I have been diligently working on the Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine, and reading a few of the submissions here and there when I’ve been fortunate enough to get the opportunity. You all are in for a sweet treat come June when it goes public finally. Editor-in-chief Brandy Smallek has been doing an amazing job laying to foundation and assembling the materials. If you’re a writer, photographer or an artist, please submit and join us in the cutting of the virtual ribbon when we release our first issue. We are always seeking more talent to publish.


Planet Productions Poetry & Press will be debuting it’s .com finally sometime in the coming hours today. That will be a breath of fresh air for me. Be sure to check out the site and let me know what you think. I’m starting to get the hang of building web pages. That said, I will be re-designing this site in the coming weeks. Also a very overdue necessity.

Copy of Planet Productions Poetryaa (2)

Later today I will be posting a 3rd segment to my new series on channillo.com called Graveyards & Cornfields. See my previous blog entries to find out more details or stop in to check it out. You’ll need to sign up to  take your free month subscription, but for all the talent available on that site, it’ll be great reading material to get you through this period of house arrest we are all enduring world wide amidst this bat flu craziness.


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