The beginning or the end?

As we begin our mandatory lock down, I keep waiting for the warden to walk by with his jingling keys dragging the nightstick down the bars, maybe I’ve watched too many movies. Maybe I’ve spent too much of my life locked inside a cage. Regardless, for the record, none of what is happening feels any differently than I just described.  So we hold our breathes and pray we can entrust that in two weeks they’ll come and buzz us out of solitary and we can rejoin our friends at work, at play or wherever.

That’s where I find myself having the hardest time, trusting in a system that has done nothing but flex its muscles and spit in my face. Only this time it’s not just me, it’s everyone globally. Narcissism at it’s gnarliest high. You can almost feel their steroid induced penises stiffening. I’m not digging this. Am I alone?

Well, if you find yourself truly bored my best advise would be to read. If not reading my works, pick any other, especially along the indie circuit, it’d be a great time to give your support to anyone who may appreciate it. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are full of downloadable and affordable reading choices for your digital reading pleasure. Or for your paperback ordering wait the few days for shipping needs even.

I’m in need of some good reading material, any authors or poets out there wanna swap copies and reviews with me? Please comment below or find me on social media and shoot me a message. Would love to see what everyone else is  reading in these strange surreal times.


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