Well shit just my luck…

I have spent my life trying to stay out of the legal system, no jail or house arrest, yet, here I find myself buckling in for the duration for a nationwide, excuse me, rather pretty much worldwide QUARANTINE. It sure feels like house arrest to me. Funny how fast that shit came out of no where and turned the script on the whole world. Like the brakes were hit before we got a chance to fasten our safety belts.

And inwards march the conspiracy theories, which I may add seemed more sensible than most any of the previous times the world has opened the door to entertain them at such a level. But what the hell was everyone thinking with the toilet paper? I will be forced to find you and if you do not help me out with a roll, I will shit on your floor and drag my ass across your carpets like a dog with worms, lol. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Midwest gun shop sold out of guns and ammo. Holy fuck, what kind of flu is it that we’re gonna need to be stocked on ammo and cocked and loaded while we await to assassinate uh the virus or the poor sickly fuck that made you forget to wash your hands and contract it?

For me, being cut off from society isn’t much of a change, but getting to do it and not have it counted against me at work is amazing. BUT that said, I’m already going stir crazy and we haven’t even officially began this. What about everyone else? I’m interested in your take and opinions in all this. I plan to work on some new material and artwork, as well as a few other projects that have needed me to have this kind of time to donate to them.

Well if over the next two weeks you truly find yourself needing something to occupy your mind and you’re not among the locals who have already purchased a copy of my second book Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin, then you’ve found the perfect opportunity to show your support and/or find your way. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as many other individual lessor name sites.

I will be working diligently with the editor at Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine and our design guy to get that page set up and the inbox open to begin receiving submissions for their first issue. I’m excited to see it come to life. It’s been a lifelong dream to have a hand to lend to bring to life a magazine of the sorts.

I’m going to make a stronger effort to more regularly get on here and write up a blog entry and keep everyone in the knowing. I have a podcast appearance coming up, I’ll get you all more details about that as soon as they’re made available to me. I should be launching my own podcast in the coming few months. I can’t wait to unleash that into world.

I’m hoping to have something more to show from the recording sessions of Ghost in the Reflection while we are hunkered down and stuck inside for these next two weeks. But please if you’ve had the opportunity to read Ghost, please, please, please leave a review no matter how short on Amazon or any retailer it’s available or on my Facebook page’s reviews section. If you haven’t had a chance to read or purchase one, there is no better of an opportunity than here and now. Till next time, peace and love brothers and sisters.

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