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2.pngAnd the countdown is well underway! 11 more days until the anticipated release of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin!

So much good news to share, where do I even begin? Several new requests to review the book recently came in, this makes me very happy. Even more merch has arrived, also makes me very happy. Ghost can be bought through Barnes & Noble as a paperback now (well on the 14th, but you get what I’m putting down-lol). So much has happened, is in the midst of happening and still so much to come.

Let’s start with some of the new merch that arrived. 3 of my bookmark designs, 2×6″ 2 sided glossy full colored strips of madness & happiness. First couple of 3×3 stickers arrived, one for A Lesser Man and one of the puppeteer’s scales of justice covers are the first arrivals. All those will be viewable and purchaseable in one of the two or three online stores that I’ll be announcing  addresses of sometime this week.

Also available are posters, coffee mugs, lined notebooks and pillows (all bearing the 2nd cover design). These will be prizes to be given away all next week as we hit the single digits in the countdown to release day.

swagI hope to have the stores updated and ready to launch by Friday. I have stores set up on Woo Commerce, Shopify, and Eckwid as well as this website and Facebook. Why so many? I ask myself the same thing.

The blog tour begins next week. Props to Isabelle Kenyon for her time and effort in making that come together and happen for me. I’ll be announcing a book review tour hopefully later this week.

I’m still working on the release day events. I know there will be alot done over the internet including a couple live broadcasts, maybe a reading or two. As late as it is in the game, I’m not certain that a local venue is possible, but that’s the benefit of living out in the country, I may just have to host an open house/book signing… this week will define the answers to these looming questions. In the mean time, I’m logging off for the day to begin the last crunch to tie up the remaining loose ends. However, I do plan to post daily until the 14th.

Don’t forget to get your preorders in before the 14th when the price goes back up to normal!!! And my first collection, A Footnote for Tomorrow, will be available on amazon as a free ebook those last five days leading into the 14th, if you haven’t gotten a copy of it yet, you’re not going to beat the price.

Alternate 3 Ghost Cover.png

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