And the countdown has begun…

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, at least around here. Between the freak snowstorm that seemed to only fall on my place and the endless packages arriving daily from the post office, UPS and FedEx. You can tell it’s almost a release day. 

This being my second big self-published full-length collection. But this one has me more on the edge than the first one. A Footnote for Tomorrow was written over twenty years ago with very little changes made after I initially wrote it. I then had a two-decade break-up with writing. I had only again started writing since its release. So this collection is being released with the ink still wet in the notebook upon the page on which I wrote it.

I may have gone a bit overboard on ordering up swag to promote this book. And I’ve hired outside marketing help from a few sources. Fly on the Wall Poetry deserves a huge shout out from me, Isabelle does a great job both with the editing of my work and the marketing of it (and putting up with my pain in the assness).  This upcoming blog tour I will do the week leading into the release is all put together by her. Money very well invested.

Freshly arrived Ghost swag

Aside from the blog tour that week, Amazon will run a free Ebook promo for A Footnote for Tomorrow from Sunday through Thursday night. If you haven’t already scooped up a copy, then this will be an excellent chance at the best price. I have two dozen on hand for anyone that wants a paperback copy instead. 

There will be several upcoming giveaways and contests offering up some of this great new swag. These will take place on every major social media site and here on my www. Stay tuned, I promise not to disappoint on the swag. I’m still seeking a few more people to write reviews of the collection. I’m offering up a free copy (ebook or paperback) in exchange for an honest review of my poetry. Message me if you’re interested. I’m easy to talk to. 

The Puppeteer’s Scales of Justice….


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