A Happy New Year and a New Book!

This year is a big one for me – I’ll be releasing a book I’m very proud of: ‘Ghosts In The Reflection: Letters to Erin’ on February 14th (Valentine’s Day, which feels apt!).

If my new year resolution is to get serious with my writing, I think this book reflects that.

It started out as two books but I found the two began to speak to each other stylistically (and I’m sure we all start a project with one idea and produce a new piece at the end of that road). Much of the poems focus on morality – I often wonder if society is suffering from a lack of values and morality in its current political state! Ultimately, I am focusing on love – which is a vulnerable thing to share with the world – but it has been a long road to start writing about these themes. Writing is a great outlet for painful memories or experiences for me. (Perhaps it is the same for you? Do you write as a form of creative therapy?)

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