1 Month and some change until the release date for Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin

As February 14th approaches, I find myself running through my never ending to-do list and gringe at how near the date draws. Although I am not behind schedule  and this is my second run, I, like most writers, still get nervous knots and find myself over-worrying about everything.

This week has me working out the rest of the ads and promotional work. If luck prevails, I will have all my promotional merchandise ordered by the end of the day. And completing the promotional calendar for the days leading into and following after is the major task I find myself facing.

Festivities for the week for the most part have been all drawn up and will be announced thoroughly in the coming weeks. There is an ebook giveaway of the first book A Footnote for Tomorrow on Amazon starting Sunday, February 9th and running up until Thursday, February 13th. Also, there are a few blog tour stops all being arranged by Isabelle Kenyon of Fly On The Wall Publishing. Specific details of this will be announced in their entirity very soon.

Release day activities will be both in the digital and the physical worlds. There will be contests, giveaways, a physical appearance to sign and sell copies as well as a possible brief reading of some selections from the 100 page collection.

Those familiar with A Footnote for Tomorrow and it’s background story know that it was a manuscript assembled over twenty years ago with very little current material added to it. Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin was all recently written (since the release of A Footnote for Tomorrow). The writing style, its voice and its content of the material included are nothing alike.  This collection is much more a representation of the poet’s voice and its content is aimed at an adult audience with its subject matter and language usage.

We are still offering ARCs for anyone interested in giving an honest review of the book. Anyone interested in doing a review should contact via email or comment on the website or any of the social media pages.

free ebook afft giveaway
Release week of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin‘s flyer for the Amazon-Kindle promotion being ran offering up free copies of A Footnote for Tomorrow ebooks.

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