As I sit the time folds itself around my ankles waiting on me to take a step

How many days does it take to rediscover ambition & purpose after the holiday meals? I, each year, drift to the thought that there is no coming back no matter how loud the alarm or sharp the point poking you towards reasoning and awaiting goals.

With the conclusion of the Ghost studio sessions, I feel an emptiness unmatched. I contemplate rushing along editing of A Lesser Man manuscript so I have an excuse to return to that recording booth and mic but that isn’t being sensible or realistic. Maybe I should do an audio book of A Footnote for Tomorrow? I chew on that thought.

On a plus note, I had thought A Footnote for Tomorrow had plateaued a month or two ago, Christmas taught me how mistaken I was. At 8 months a week since its release, I am proud to say the holidays brought 51 more ebook sales bringing the total to over the 200 copies sold mark.

Over 200, not bad for words written over 20 years ago by a reflection of a person I vaguely remember existing. I was told I would be lucky to hit 100 copies in the lifetime of the book. Let me be the first to tell everyone who bought a copy thank you, that feat is all you guys not me.

This brings me to the purpose of this post, the announcement….

I will be releasing a very limited run ebook only collection available for free to my email subscribers. The collection is more than halfway written and I intend to make it available before A Footnote for Tomorrow reaches the one year mark. So if you haven’t already sign up for the email list if you wish to get your hands on this material. Again thank you for time and attention, 2019 was made better for me than so many previous years because of you.

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