Updates, holidays and a drunken Santa

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone enjoys that time with their loved ones, all the children enjoy their gifts and everyone stays alive and not incarcerated.

Our last promotional contest of the year wrapped up today on Facebook. It was a photo contest featuring photos of my book and promotional products in any creative manner felt necessary. We didn’t receive as many entrants as I would have liked, but I was impressed with the photos we did receive. Our winner as announced is Ruth Sisson and runner up was Roger Stone. Both receive grab bags of random promotional materials from both this first collection A Footnote for Tomorrow and from the upcoming collection Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin. And our winner will receive a tshirt that isn’t available any other way except to partake in these events. Thank you to both of you and thank you to everyone who participated.

The recording sessions have came to an end for the Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin audio book. It is now being mastered and will more than likely reach me in time to be available for the big book release in February.

judging by the look on my face its difficult to say what perverted thing left my mouth and wound up recorded.

Other news worth mentioning is both manuscripts will be taken on by a distributor here around the start of the year and will be available more widely than at present. I’ll keep everyone informed, then you’re more than welcome to give me a hand in nagging your local bookstores and/or libraries to order in a few copies for their shelves.

As we near closer to the February release date the events are finally starting to take shape on paper. A plan is born lol. I with great anticipation look forward to announcing what spectacle sideshow to this three ringed circus I have concocted. Those particular events will be a feat to pull off.

I’ve put into circulation some excerpts from some of the forthcoming poetry into meme posts I have been making. If you haven’t seen any you’re in luck, I’ll be posting one today.

Again Happy Holidays everyone, take care and love one another.

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