From the trenches of the recording studio

As the hour passes the 5 am mark and my legs ache from the inactivity they have endured over the last 11 hours, I can do nothing but shake my head and shy. We are in between tracks we are recording for the audiobook version of Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin. Progress is definitely there, except it’s very slow.

This is the first night of a three week paid vacation and just a little foreboding of what the first part of this vacation will consist of with the end goal being the paperback, the ebook and the audiobook versions being complete, at least on my end. I know my recording engineer has more hours left in this process of creation than I even want to think possible.

As all roads lead closer to the release date, my anxiety grows. It’s not nervousness so much over the contents of this collection, I feel very confident in its message. Although I do feel concern over how it will be received as I do with everything I pour my heart into. But this collection is unlike everything I have ever written in the past and it’s very risque and unique to many current works in the poetry genre. Hell, I’ve warranted a parental advisory sticker for the cover.

The first wave of ARC’s were sent out to the UK to prepare for the upcoming blog tour that I am fortunate to get the chance to experience. I really look forward to this new experience. Isabelle of Fly on the Wall Press always does a great job for me with her marketing campaigns.

The second wave of ARC’s have been ordered and will arrive to me in the next few days. These are for the review requests I have received here in the states. I cannot express how important these reviews are to me. Not only because they help draw faith from new potentially interested readers, but as I had took a twenty-year hiatus from writing poetry, it’s an important tool for me to assess my growth and how to shape my writing. So if you’re a regular book reviewer and are feeling in the holiday spirit to take a chance reading something new by a predominately unknown writer, then please allow me to send you one of these promotional copies of this gorgeous book. (I’m nowhere near the 100 copies mark designated for reviewers and am exactly 2 months away from this book’s release date so email me).

I hope to have a few new marketing projects completed and presented to everyone by this time next week. We are 10 days away from the close of the Facebook photo/merch contest. I’d love to get some feedback from everyone on what promotional items, contests, giveaways and things of that nature that you all look forward to, would like to see, enjoyed last book, etc. Don’t be shy, I’m always open to constructive criticism and input from readers, after all, if not for you all, we writers wouldn’t be doing what we love so much.

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