This week in the mix

I have spent this week working out the kinks in my marketing strategy and getting the book uploaded to distributor and various other places. I’m definitely more of a fan of the writing process then all this business jive.

T-shirt sales have been very steady. We have frozen them until after New Year Day when we will release a different design. Anyone who got one of the limited edition Ghost Cover Blues Design, congratulations. The next shirts will be the Puppeteer’s Scales of Justice cover design on a red t-shirt followed by extracted verses on black shirts. As I had previously promised, there are a lot of swag options available in this coming year for this release.

With the progress of the shirt sales, I have been able to secure a few more studio sessions to work on getting this audio book further into its progress. I look forward to getting this part of the process over so I may share the completed audio book with everyone.

I will blog more in the coming weeks than I have as I am off work and on vacation for the rest of the year. Soon we will announce a call for interest in the street and release teams for this title. Underway there is a contest still going on. Its details are findable on the publisher’s Facebook page.

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