Happy Butterball & stuffing day

Although this is the month historically that I know the most loss in, this year being no exception, I wanted to make sure to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Take the day and make the most of that rare time with the family. Life has a way of sucking us in and pushing the insignificant shiny shit to the forefront of our attention and focus meanwhile driving that wedge between us and those people and things that are truly most important. Don’t take these brief moments for granted, they elapse into memories faded faster than a hookers pants drop in Vegas.

The world has certainly taken a nose dive spiral fast in the downward motion but there has to be those moments however brief they may be that we can unplug and recharge.

Granted the food will be heaping over on so many of your plates today, remember not all are enjoying such fortune. The weather is shitty enough so make it a point to not be. Give your change or donate your leftovers, be that voice that rises over the null mumbling rumbles of the masses and no matter how shitty the weather or your mood be that one bulb that lights up someone else’s day today.

I’ve spent these holidays homeless, incarcerated and hundreds of miles from a familiar face and that ache remains. So from experience your deeds will be appreciated and you can make a difference. Have some class and be that change the world needs.

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