Can It Be Possible?

Attempting to get this paperback available on for a presale has been nothing short of a challenge. I want to apologize for my every premature assumption that each time I got it to accept the submission that I had it formatted correctly and there wouldn’t be any issues or delays. I think we now all can clearly see that my decision to be a writer and not a technician was well founded.

To update my progress… yet again I resubmitted it last night. Fingers crossed, but I am prepared for the worst. Initially I had errors on both the manuscript and the book cover formatting. Then it became an issue of number of pages to spine size coordination. Most recently it’s a discrepancy of less than .125 of an inch on the placement of the spine writing and its bleed line. So, with that being but my only remaining error, I feel confident that this was either completely corrected finally last night or will be eradicated after this next attempt. 

Ok this online presale campaign that I am using through Amazon will continue until 12:00am February 14, 2020 when Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin releases. The campaign is a drive to jumpstart my sales on day 1 and move me up into the charts as fast as possible. What my particular marketing angle that I have chosen to employ is dropping the prices of the e-book and the paperback formats by $2.00 USD/copy. Currently the e-book is offered at $2.99 USD and the paperback is offered at $7.99 (well, will be offered as soon as I can get it accepted online). Amazon records the order and sets for the payment to be withdrawn from whatever payment option you choose on the day of its official release. So preordering the book today guarantees you one of the first purchased copies billed to you on February 14, 2020.

I have employed the talented Isabelle Kenyon to handle a good portion of this collections marketing strategy and planning. She has already begun setting up an Online Blog Tour that will take place before the release date. In the works are also an Online Review Tour and Interview Campaign. So anyone who could possibly have had any questions for me or about me will have several opportunities to ask me directly or indirectly in the coming months.

A physical book reading/signing tour is in the development stages. There is currently a street team being assembled for anyone who would like to lend their talents, ambitions and time towards helping spread the word of my poetry through a variety of free opportunities. There are special perks that come with that membership and reaching their objectives, but that is not in my control, I just help provide the requested incentives. More information and a membership drive for the street team will be made public in the very near future along with that will be necessary contact information and specific details. So, if even only curious, stay tuned for that soon-to-be-coming information.

We did several promotional contests and participation giveaways with A Footnote for Tomorrow. Again, this time around I intend to do even more than I did on the last book. I’m much more organized and slightly more experienced this time and hope that we have a great experience again this time around. A schedule of the promotional giveaways and contests will be posted monthly on the website along with the winners each month.

Amongst the promotional items to be expected in circulation this year and available for purchase at the online store found on my webpage and my Facebook Author Profile Page include signed copies of both books, t-shirts, stickers, bookmarks, magnets, pens and much more including a fresh inventory of all the previous materials from the Footnote campaigns.

Thank you all for taking the time to follow my blog, my social media pages, etc. Your support truly means the world to me and is the fire behind my drive to make all this possible.

James (Jim) F. Miller II ?

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