Sorry for the absence

Been having a few issues with my internet service and wanted to take a moment to touch base on all the things happening around here…

A Footnote for Tomorrow is now available for $0.99 an ebook and the paperback will drop.down to around $11 or 12 in the coming weeks on Amazon.

Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin is almost complete. It had been discussed as a November release which is very realistic, but I am contemplating pushing it back to the first week of January and adding more bonus content to the manuscript. I would like to everyone’s opinion on that thought please.

Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine is set to open a call for submissions of poetry, art and/or photography in the coming weeks. Keep an eye open for that. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details and information.

Hopefully my connection issues will be resolved in the next couple of days or next week at most.







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