Some updates to share

I’ve been asked several times where my book could be purchased at, so I will address this first. At present, the book is only available for purchase as both a paperback and an eBook online. It will be available at stores after I finish setting up distribution, but the plan is for that to occur in June/July. So in the meantime, it can be purchased at Amazon, The Book Patch and now through my online store.

The online store is very new, I had just finished setting it up yesterday morning. It can be found on the main author’s page of Facebook, the author page on Instagram or at this link: I just opened the store for business this morning, and at present there is not a copy of the book available, but I have an order placed to stock the inventory as soon as they arrive. There are other promotional, and cool items to be found there and many more to come and go throughout the year. This store will be where the code for the reserved copy promotion will be able to be redeemed, that code should be sent out today or tomorrow and the books should be stocked and ready to go by next week.

There are several sites that I will be featured as book of the day on as well as some that will have interviews with me published and others that will be giving reviews of the book. So stay tuned, this journey has barely begun.

And as new and fresh as this journey is, it will be greeted shortly with a follow up collection called Ghost in the Reflection: Letters to Erin is nearing completion. More information on this will be released in coming weeks. Absolutely superior writing material in comparison to A Footnote. I cannot wait to start revealing tidbits of it to everyone. Those who follow me on Channillo have already seen a few of the pieces, but I promise, all of my aces have been held in hand just waiting for the right time to be revealed.

A Footnote for Tomorrow Primary Retail Store Book Cover

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