Few Retail Placement Shifts

Yesterday, I removed my paperback from the Amazon/Kindle store. Yes, this was due in part to a few new copies I found for sale on another site for a very jacked, almost $20 a copy. Resale of my books is not the issue, I mean, it’s writing, some of us cling to dear life to our books, others read, resell, then purchase with that their next read. Others buy at wholesale to sell at retail, this particular incident, they bought at retail to sell at the golden lined magical genie copy price.

However, that isn’t my biggest thorn over the incident. The ISBN for my book was no longer present in the photos of the book and the cover had been modified to carry a flag on it. Ok, this is bothersome, not because I have anything against the flag, but the flag isn’t part of my cover design. To boot, there was no record of the sale presented anywhere, nor is there still for that matter. Which means, not only were these individuals making the $3 each mark up for the books, but I wasn’t getting paid my whole $1.25 royalty from the sale. Essentially, Amazon was pocketing 13.95 and short changing me. My opinion is they make way too much on this collection the way it is, I would never have priced this book above the $10 mark.

TheBookPatch.com cover for A Footnote for Tomorrow.

Ok, the eBook is still on Amazon/Kindle exclusively for another 45 days, after said time, it will still be available there as well as becoming available in multiple other places.

There are still paperback copies available from other prearranged printers and websites, which in my opinion are providing the far better product for the consumer. And even better, I can lower the price of the collection for promotional purposes. There will also be two more websites that will be offering the book as well as my author Facebook page and my author website, when the new sites become active, the links will be posted on all of the relative sites that you receive these posts from.

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A Footnote for T …

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