Winners, Not Winners & Ice Cream

I’m giving it another few minutes until the day has officially ended here in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and I will go review all the reviews and first thing in the morning I will announce the winner of the competition. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, I present to you this:

As A Footnote finally begins it’s being passed around, as raves and and as snickers flood the whispers in the air, I hold to my routine and write as the energy moves me towards finishing up this second collection and begin in my mind scribbling down notes for the third collection and forth, fifth and so on. I remember once when writing was this thing. A thing that was so magical I was afraid to open the door to strangers, hell most of the time I was afraid to open the door to the most familiar of faces, and yet now I feel as if I cannot open the door enough to let eyes behold the message scribbled upon the paper. Prose like poetry that tries to be a message felt to be needed by all.

Too often I set on fire entire folders of writings because I cannot feel myself within the pages. Am I alone here? I never wrote for the following I could one day grow, or for the volume of sales of a collection I may get lucky enough to get pushed out far enough to be read or for the ratings and reviews, the rants and raves, the joys and the bitches of what one insignificant individual like myself has managed to pour out of his soul and capture upon the page. Too often are we misled by the power of the chair when we sit to critique the work captured by another’s soul. Too brutal we can become when we forget we too once were but those timid children. And somewhere in the fear of that rejection we as a generation come from generation after generation of timid children afraid to speak their voice.

I seek to stand alone, to be unlike any other and I feel that rejection from a society which has become so pop culture that if it isn’t the name brand or close to being that brand, it cannot be a good product. I smile most from my rejections as opposed to my acceptances. I have heard repeatedly my vocabulary is tiny, or I’m not educated enough and/or my punctuation/grammar and/or lack thereof will be the things that hold me back… coincidently, I have ten years of college education as an English Literature major, a journalism major, a marketing major, and so on. I come from nothing, a little lean-to shack along a river bank where the rats were bigger and sometimes friendlier than the cats we kept. I write for the majority who do not come from the pockets of their fathers or their father’s fathers. The ones who struggle to make the ends meet at the end of the week and pray for the month to come to an end. The ones who die on the same street they were born on, never getting the chance to see or experience the world. I spend my time undocumented reading to friends who cannot read but long to know the experience of life beyond the tiny cell their world feels it has been reduced to.

I do not write for fame or glory, or praise. And I do not write to become one of the many great pieces that I have read. I do not live to be remembered. But I try to be from the heart. And to those who dig, grab a shovel, the shit in this world has gotten deep, and it’s gonna take some time and some numbers to turn the game around.

Thank you though to those who do support the indie writers. Thank you for finding the voices that I have had to listen to from a far inspire me to become the person that I am today. I wasn’t made to be one of the pop culture of the world. I like being that thorn in the world’s ass too much to be any less. I love those who fear not the rejection of those eager to pound the gavel, change is needed. Be not afraid to become it.

Some updates to share

I’ve been asked several times where my book could be purchased at, so I will address this first. At present, the book is only available for purchase as both a paperback and an eBook online. It will be available at stores after I finish setting up distribution, but the plan is for that to occur in June/July. So in the meantime, it can be purchased at Amazon, The Book Patch and now through my online store.

The online store is very new, I had just finished setting it up yesterday morning. It can be found on the main author’s page of Facebook, the author page on Instagram or at this link: I just opened the store for business this morning, and at present there is not a copy of the book available, but I have an order placed to stock the inventory as soon as they arrive. There are other promotional, and cool items to be found there and many more to come and go throughout the year. This store will be where the code for the reserved copy promotion will be able to be redeemed, that code should be sent out today or tomorrow and the books should be stocked and ready to go by next week.

There are several sites that I will be featured as book of the day on as well as some that will have interviews with me published and others that will be giving reviews of the book. So stay tuned, this journey has barely begun.

And as new and fresh as this journey is, it will be greeted shortly with a follow up collection called Ghost in the Reflection: Letters to Erin is nearing completion. More information on this will be released in coming weeks. Absolutely superior writing material in comparison to A Footnote. I cannot wait to start revealing tidbits of it to everyone. Those who follow me on Channillo have already seen a few of the pieces, but I promise, all of my aces have been held in hand just waiting for the right time to be revealed.

A Footnote for Tomorrow Primary Retail Store Book Cover

Few Retail Placement Shifts

Yesterday, I removed my paperback from the Amazon/Kindle store. Yes, this was due in part to a few new copies I found for sale on another site for a very jacked, almost $20 a copy. Resale of my books is not the issue, I mean, it’s writing, some of us cling to dear life to our books, others read, resell, then purchase with that their next read. Others buy at wholesale to sell at retail, this particular incident, they bought at retail to sell at the golden lined magical genie copy price.

However, that isn’t my biggest thorn over the incident. The ISBN for my book was no longer present in the photos of the book and the cover had been modified to carry a flag on it. Ok, this is bothersome, not because I have anything against the flag, but the flag isn’t part of my cover design. To boot, there was no record of the sale presented anywhere, nor is there still for that matter. Which means, not only were these individuals making the $3 each mark up for the books, but I wasn’t getting paid my whole $1.25 royalty from the sale. Essentially, Amazon was pocketing 13.95 and short changing me. My opinion is they make way too much on this collection the way it is, I would never have priced this book above the $10 mark. cover for A Footnote for Tomorrow.

Ok, the eBook is still on Amazon/Kindle exclusively for another 45 days, after said time, it will still be available there as well as becoming available in multiple other places.

There are still paperback copies available from other prearranged printers and websites, which in my opinion are providing the far better product for the consumer. And even better, I can lower the price of the collection for promotional purposes. There will also be two more websites that will be offering the book as well as my author Facebook page and my author website, when the new sites become active, the links will be posted on all of the relative sites that you receive these posts from.

To purchase paperback copies, click on the pretty button below:

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A Footnote for T …

James Miller


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To purchase ebook copies, follow this link:

Fresh New Poem Just Released

I just pressed the publish button on my current installment of my Channillo series Ghost in the Reflection. Anyone wanting to see a freshly out of my notebook piece I encourage to check it out.

A Footnote for Tomorrow has a great first two weeks and has not left the top ten list of Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Drug Dependency Category. So far, I have been fortunate to maintain some excellent reviews of the collection coming in. If you haven’t purchased or borrowed it on your Kindle app, I strongly encourage you to give it a read. If you do or have, please feel free to drop a review and leave me a link to check it out.

The reserved copy holders will receive emails in the next hour or two with information on ordering their discounted copies. In the coming week or two, I struggle to remember which off the top of my head we will launch our first marketing campaign since the title’s release. We will release specific details on this promotion but it will be a matchbook kind of arrangement, where if you purchase a paperback copy of the book from Amazon between certain dates you will be able to receive a free ebook version of the title as well as an ebook version of a title from Fly On The Wall Press out of the UK. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the titles they’ve released in the last couple of years, I cannot emphasize how talented and strong the message of the work coming out of there is. I would like to extend a thank you to Isabelle for all the time she has put in with me editing A Footnote for Tomorrow and for coming on board to give me a hand with the PR and upcoming marketing campaigns. Very talented poet and editor, worth reading.


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