Climbing on up

Been a long day but by tomorrow I should be sending out emails to everyone who is on the reserved copy email list with ordering information.

Started today #5 on the New Release list in Drug Dependency books on Amazon, very nice, thank you everyone. Ending the day #3 on the New Release list in Drug Dependency and even more to my astonishment #56 in the overall Drug Dependency books category…meaning very simply put, YOU ALL ROCK, breaking the top 100 in 1 weeks time. My hat is off to everyone.

Thank you, Rest Well or Party Wise!


A Footnote for Tomorrow has been released as an eBook and will be available very shortly as a paperback. I will be releasing it through various other channels aside from Amazon in the very near future. I will apologize for the outrageous retail price on the book. It is a great book of poetry, but that price was the minimum it would allow me to set it at it before I was paying per copy for it to be sold. I do hope everyone enjoys. I will now focus on the series going on at of mine for the next few months. Thank you for all your support.

2 days….

Two more days until the ebook presale concludes on Amazon and ebooks are finally available. Within the following week or 2 paperbacks will become available on Amazon and through a link I will post. Reserved copy orderers will receive an email a few days before paperback book is available with a diacount code to make available at the low price offered for that promotion. So far the book has maintained in the top 10 Amazon new/soon to be released list for books on drug dependency. I’m eager to read some reviews and see what everyone thinks.