Slowly nearing the end/beginning

As the final touches are being put on the manuscript, the final retakes of the cover are being drawn up and a breath of fresh air can finally be had. Always loved to write but had not the first clue about the tortures of the publishing process until now. I cannot wait to get the proofs for the cover ideas done and a vote for the new cover started and over with so that this production side of A Footnote for Tomorrow can finally come to an end.

With that end, begins the lifelong journey of marketing and selling the thing, lol. Thus far marketing and sales have been the furthest thing from my mind. Fortunately, I have a few dedicated friends who look out for me and remind me not to get too comfortable. They also keep me from getting too frustrated and out of focus. So thank you to those unnamed souls.

To think once this manuscript is behind me the light at the end of the tunnel will be near is a fallacy. My follow up manuscript is being piece by piece written and trial and error publications of it appear on Channillo. I’m solid on the title and the subject matter of this follow up manuscript at the very least. So far the work I have generated for it has been above and beyond everything I have written to date. If you haven’t, you should join the Channillo site. Granted it is $5/month for readership, but for the cost you get access to every poet and author on the site, and in turn, we poets and authors receive payment based on page visits, reads and followers. I encourage you to check it out, first 30 days are free, cancel anytime.

If you haven’t already done so, please order yourself an ebook version of A Footnote for Tomorrow from Amazon/Kindle. The paperback release is looking like it’s going to be closer to father’s day (my birthday) weekend. The definite date will be determined by this coming Sunday and posted everywhere. In the meantime, this is what I awoke to this morning and I want to thank everyone who has already purchased an ebook. (click on the Amazon Charts link).

Amazon Charts

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