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 a catastrophic reality

we are a million lost & confused souls
trapped like meat within a can;
blindly misled & falsely fed
a hypocrisy of lies soiled deeply
throughout the many texts of history.

we exist candles left to fend
dancing within the storm & winds;
the images we’re programmed to be
somewhere on someone else’s tv.

we act & react
without ever stopping to realize
a hand covers our eyes;
we repress progress with one swipe
of our right-hand thumb.

we point our fingers blindly
unable to see
the only impurities here
visible are you & me.

we dance in the back of our minds
while our souls yearn to be free.

we dream hope, material prosperity & all
those mind-washed beliefs bestowed &
so constantly deeply-etched into our minds
to be an attainable reality.
we desire to become part of the sacred tree
instead of the severed fruit, we have become to be.

we reach through mirrored reflections
retracing the footsteps that we have already walked within,
we stumble over the present staring down the struggle
for control of a reality unwritten,
like fools, we follow the POTUS, an installed practice
its precedence was set without the foresight of such greed
when technicalities were irrelevant
and now choke upon the cocks of dictators dressed up
like diplomats.

we must cut the strings free from the hands binding us;that keep us dancing, turning around and about endlessly over
like the little marionettes we have been molded to be;
little puppets dancing in a shitstorm of thunderous rain
purely for the amusement of these faceless masters; monsters.

we wander blind unable to know, unable to think
beyond the once-upon-a-time instilled ideas installed
within our fragile egg-shelled minds so slyly spoon-fed directly
from the television console and unbeknownst swallowed as gospel truth.
we are those fools, the pauper’s tools abrasively used and abused
for self-serving, political tyrants and their tirades of war.
we are the pawns upon the chessboard and nothing more.

where lies the truth beneath the propagandized tabloid fables,
so forcefully stuffed down our throats as sustenance
through the channels of organized religion & politics?
the purpose behind these distractions unknown.
where rises the sun on such a dark dawn of a new day?

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James (Jim) Miller was born in the late 1970s in a rural, little, northern Indiana farm community. He grew up between Indiana, Florida and a short stint in the New York area. He attended Vincennes University (Indiana) where he majored in English-Creative Writing, Journalism and Music-Audio Recording. During his time as a student, he held an editor position for 4 semesters at the university newspaper, The Trailblazer. James is a lifelong writer, a lover of new experiences, people and travel. Currently, he is employed as an auto factory assembly worker and part-time cook in Indiana. A couple of earlier poems of his were published in The Tecumseh Review (Vincennes University) in 2000 and various anthologies between 1997 and 2000. He releases a regular poetry series "Ghost in the Reflection" every other week on Channillo.com and on April 20th, 2019, his debut solo collection "A Footnote for Tomorrow" released and remains available for purchase.
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