we are a million lost & confused souls

trapped like meat within a can;

blindly misled & falsely fed

a hypocrisy of lies soiled deeply

throughout the many texts of history.


we exist candles left to fend

dancing within the storm & winds;

the images we’re programmed to be

somewhere on someone else’s tv.


we act & react

without ever stopping to realize

a hand covers our eyes;

we repress progress with one swipe

of our right-hand thumb.


we point our fingers blindly

unable to see

the only impurities here

visible are you & me.


we dance in the back of our minds

while our souls yearn to be free.


we dream hope, material prosperity & all

those mind-washed beliefs bestowed &

so constantly deeply-etched into our minds

to be an attainable reality.

we desire to become part of the sacred tree

instead of the severed fruit, we have become to be.


we reach through mirrored reflections

retracing the footsteps that we have already walked within,

we stumble over the present staring down the struggle

for control of a reality unwritten,

like fools we follow the pauper, the precedence set

when technicalities were irrelevant

and choke upon the cocks of dictators dressed up

like diplomats.


an excerpt from the poem “reality”. From the book “a footnote for tomorrow” due out April 20, 2019


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